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Happy Heart is an app for children between ages 5 to 8, meant to help them develop a better understanding of their feeling an emotions. In this project I did brand design, UX, and UI for the mobile app and aresponsive website.

A challenge I faced when designing this app, was that I had to design for a different target audience than I was used to. This time I had to design an app meant for kids from ages 6 to 8 years old. To understand more about the users, i read a few books on child psychology and child psychomotor development, children's books, and several articles on building UI for children, all of this with the goal of better understanding the target audience.

After that, I did a competitive audit to understand the market, started working on a moodboard and branding for the app. After that I did some sketches and moved on to wireframes, mock ups and finally high fidelity mock ups. Then I prototyped some of the app main flows and conducted user testing with children, caregivers, and child psychologists to measure usability of the app.

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